A father’s birthday speech is an opportunity to show you care

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Published: 18th July 2010
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It's your dad's birthday and you are going to have a party but what will you say when you toast him? If you were celebrating your mother's birthday you speech would probably be more emotional but dads usually don't do emotion. That doesn't mean of course that your speech can't be loving. It merely means that you should have light-hearted touches to it. Whether he is a doctor, a fireman or a plumber your dad is a very important person in your life. After all without him you wouldn't be there at all. That's a fact you might mention in your speech. You might say that fathering you it was probably the most important thing he has ever done!

As his son or daughter you are obviously the right person to make such a speech. After all you know him better than most. You have the background knowledge that will add to a father's birthday speech. Your speech can mention incidents over the years. You can speak about how he played games with you in the park, how he helped with homework or how he advised you on your career options. Your father's birthday speech should reflect your relationship with him.

We don't say thank you often enough. That's a fact but you can use that father's birthday speech to show him how much you appreciate how much he has done for you over the years. You can mention the things you love most about him and the fondest memories you have of times shared. You can speak of family vacations and going swimming together or of getting lost on the way to your destination. You don't have to speak about every vacation of course but choose the one that lingers in your memory as being great fun, or even a great disaster!

You can speak more seriously about how he has stood by you at all times or how he has supported you when you were in trouble. We often take our fathers for granted but we shouldn't. They are human and even the shyest father will love to know he is appreciated. Saying publicly how important he is in your life will make him feel good about himself even if he is slightly embarrassed. So that father's birthday speech is your opportunity to tell him that he is definitely the best father in the world!

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