A motivational speech can help change a world

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Published: 11th June 2010
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You've got to believe to give a good motivational speech. You have to feel strongly about the subject if you want others to believe and act too. Whether it is motivating people to give blood, donate their organs or take up yoga you will have much more success with your speech if you speak from the heart.

That means that such a motivational speech is enhanced by telling a tale or giving an example. You might speak of the fact that your child's life was saved by someone giving blood. You could speak about how someone who had been ill for years had such an improved standard of life because someone donated a kidney. The more personal and real the story is the more motivational the speech.

There are, of course, millions of reasons for giving motivational speeches but quite often they are given by leaders. It might be a President addressing the nation, a teacher addressing a class or a commanding officer addressing his troops before battle. Such people have a reason to motivate and their speeches are often of the "Let's get up and do it" variety.

That's what you want people to do when you give a motivational speech. You want them to walk to work every day or to sell more of the company's products. You want them to improve their concentration or conduct more efficient business meetings. In other words you want them to do something.

How you sell your message is what really makes it motivational. You can say a walk a day is good for everybody and few will listen. You can speak though about joining a local walking group, making friends and having fun on those walks and people will be more interested. If you go on to say that you can join the group alone and be made very welcome people will listen. If you add the fact of how much weight you have lost since joining you are sure to influence your audience.

You have to give your audience a reason for doing something. It may be that they will be richer or happier or even healthier because of doing it. You have to lure them with a carrot of what's in it for them. It could be the fact that they will feel fulfilled as humans if they spend a year in Africa helping in a hospital or building homes for the homeless. Motivational speeches can make a difference by motivating people to be different.

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