Retirement speeches should summarise a working life

Published: 09th August 2010
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Depending on their attitude people can either dread their retirement or look forward to it with great anticipation. Retirement speeches from a retiree will show to which camp he or she belongs.

Retirement means a great life change and retirement speeches should reflect that. For those who dread it their retirement speeches will be dull and uninteresting. They will only look only to the past. For those who look forward their retirement speeches will be full of hope. After all our working lives give us little opportunity and time to do the things we most enjoy. So it is fitting that such speeches reflect that fact.

It is important too that retirees speak of their work and the colleagues and friends they have made through that work. This is especially true if they have spent many years working for the same company. It is especially gracious if they mention such unsung heroes and heroines as the janitor or a cleaner or tea lady, people they may have known for forty years. Obviously they will speak kindly of their boss and those with whom they work closely.

This is a time for reminiscences. Retirement speeches will certainly be better if the retiree speaks of something amusing or strange that happened over the years of their working lives. It is a time too to speak of the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. Sometimes family members will be present and it is fitting that they should be mentioned. Retirement speeches from the retiree should end on a positive and upbeat note.

The same applies to retirement speeches to the retiree. They should be cheerful and optimistic about the future. A boss or colleague should do some homework on the retiree before speaking. Otherwise the speech will be banal and its sentiments will have been heard before. So whatever colleague is speaking should speak of the actual individual contribution made by the employee. Obviously that will include the work done by the retiree. It should though also include, for instance, his or her kindness or generosity. Your might speak too about his or her sense of humour which you could say was greatly appreciated by everyone in the office. Such retirement speeches will usually end with the presentation of a gift.

Whether you are giving a retirement speech because a colleague is retiring or because you are retiring it should include a touch of humour. That coupled with some nostalgia, mention of friendships made and plans for the future will ensure that those retirement speeches are a little out of the ordinary.

Niamh Crowe has written speeches for 20 years. She has written thousands of speeches for every event and occasion including Graduation speeches, inspirational speeches, funeral speeches etc.

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